The new tradition

Risky Grapes Wine Co. came to life as a new project, a clear vision that takes into account new habits of wine consumption in contemporary culture, and a search for new gastronomical experiences, flavours and trends. Never renouncing quality, we cater for the modern world’s new needs and lifestyles.

With this vision as our guide, we launched a range of wines which are innovative on the palate yet have an undeniably Mediterranean freshness and taste. The quality is also up there with the best in wine culture: an innate respect to the environment and cuttingedge vineyard management is refelected across all of our products.

To each and every bottle of wine there is more than meets the eye. Behind every wine bottle are our own estates and vineyards, exhaustive cultivation processes and meticulous winemaking procedures. For this, each detail has been painstakingly planned beforehand with great precision. From the choice of vineyards and the varieties that are cultivated within them, to the quality of the soils that use natural vegetable cover and other ecological practices, and the struggle to bring back native grape varieties such as the Bobal and Merseguera, our passion lies in bringing to each bottle of wine a perfect reflection of the geography and climate which we and our vineyards call home.